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Hello, South Africa

Welcome to our journey of introducing Industry-Leading Agricultural Technology to home soil.

We are a startup, aiming to revolutionize the farming industry of South Africa. 

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Project 2021:

Sustainable Agriculture.

Our mission is to help change mindsets and innovate traditional processes around how we produce our food.

This means working alongside farmers and technology to find ways where we can be more mindful of how we are farming.

Finding the middle ground between maximizing yield and minimizing inputs.   

Meet Our Technology

We have industry-leading solutions from DJI that help us scout crops, using multispectral cameras to ensure we capture the widest range of plant health in one single flight.

Our software is from DroneDeploy and Agremo to help analyze the data and create farm-specific reports. 



The name of our company was inspired by drones being the "Hawk" in the sky. Drones are light and nimble, making them perfect for the job. This way, we are able to keep costs low but still deliver accurate and powerful data.

We use DJI's Phantom 4 Multispectral drone. 


Sensors are at the heart of our company. We use a 6 lens multispectral camera, capable of capturing normal images plus 5 invisible wavelength light in one single flight.  Blue, Green, Red, RedEdge, and Near InfraRed at 2MP's on a gimble stabilizer. 


Working with DroneDeploy, our software is able to suggest advanced plant health indexes, showing plant stress such as NDVI and VARI. Other measures include slope measures, elevation maps, surface area calculations. stand count and plant populations. 


Why Sustainable Agriculture?

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

We work in hectares and not hours. We don't use big words. We share our knowledge and technology.  

Harvest Hawk Team




By using fewer fertilizer, we’re improving the natural quality of soil for both humans and animals.

In doing so,  we are preserving the soil’s natural nutrients.

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By keeping soil natural, we are sustaining their ecosystems and working with nature to keep the natural flow of cycles.

Enabling them to flourish on their own.

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Together we are striving for ecological balance by protecting the common benefits of our environment.

Raising the quality of life for all species.



Keeping a closer eye on the processes and managing them in a more sustainable manner.

Focusing not only on our needs today, bur on the future generations to come.

Contact Our Team

We focus on small farmers across South Africa. 

If you want more information, send us a Whatsapp from the icon below or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.