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Welcome to our journey of introducing Industry-Leading Agricultural Technology to home soil.

We are a startup, aiming to revolutionize the farming industry of South Africa. 

Harvest Hawk was honored to be able to join the SingularityU 2020 ONLINE summit. With some of the world's most amazing minds, we can not wait to learn from these leaders

Together we are shaping our future by sharing knowledge and technology

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Project 2020:

Our First Flight

2020 saw the launch of Harvest Hawk Technologies as a company that will specialize in Agricultural Crop Mapping and Analysis. Through the use of special sensors and leading software, we are able to assist farmers during critical stages of crop growth, maximizing their harvest. 

Meet Our Technology

We call them our A.I.T's

(Agriculture Innovating Tools )

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Image by John Schnobrich


The name of our company was inspired by drones being the "Hawk" in the sky. Drones are light and nimble, making them perfect for the job. This way, we are able to keep costs low but still deliver accurate and powerful data.


Sensors are at the heart of our company. Without them, none of this would be possible. They are able to "see" different spectrums of light, enabling us to identify areas in your crops that require a bit more attention. Packed with the latest technology, and specifically manufactured for the agriculture industry.


Software will help us analyze data we've captured from the flight. Mapping the full picture and showcase crops in a way farmers have never seen them before. The software will enable us to draw conclusions around multiple indexes that are key for determining strategies to ensure the best harvest when the crops are ready.

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We work in hectares and not hours. We don't use big words. We share our knowledge and technology.  

Harvest Hawk Team


Our Team

For me, this is the perfect blend to not only grow by abilities but also pursue my virtue of entrepreneurship and helping others.  I have honors in marketing.

I am looking to take the step towards entrepreneurship and invest all my time and energy for my company to succeed.  

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